Ready to Serve in Different Ways

We offer different types of services.

Provide Cancer Information

  1. Understanding cancer diagnosis and treatment options
  2. Finding the right questions to ask the doctors
  3. Endorsing the concept of seeking a second opinion
  4. Facilitating patient guidance through clinical evaluation, treatment, and follow-up process
  5. Assist patients, families, and providers in navigation through the healthcare system
  6. Addressing unique healthcare needs of Indian American cancer patients and their families
  7. Connecting patients and their families to community resources, support services
  8. Identifying complementary and alternative therapy

Build a Team of Caregivers

  1. Providing transportation to appointments
  2. Locating suitable lodging
  3. Cooking meals for the family
  4. Lifestyle support
  5. Helping with child care

Manage your life, manage your cancer diagnosis

  1. Cancer buddy
  2. Survivor/Caregiver support group
  3. Dietary advice, Indian style!
  4. Religious/spiritual considerations
  5. Language assistance
  6. Insurance issues
  7. Financial guidance

Survivorship and beyond

  1. Understanding palliative care and hospice
  2. End of life issues

Physician support

IACAN patient coordinator

Number: 713-370-3489 and