IACAN Spirituality in Healthcare Project Charter

IACAN brings relief to cancer patients, survivors, caregivers of Indian origin through

• Creating a spiritual support network to promote spiritual guidance for daily living and coping with cancer.
• Identifying Spiritual needs

• Identifying Spiritual resource
• Removing potential barriers to access Spiritual Resources
• Developing Spiritual Resources
• Improving Referral to Spiritual Resources
• Improving access to Spiritual Resources during inpatient stay

How IACAN’s Spiritual Project Can Support You?

  1. Facilitate coordination of Spiritual resources and care between patient/family and caregivers, community resources and various spiritual support services.
  2. Empower patients to ask for and access Spiritual resources
  3. Coordinate with Chaplaincy Department of the healthcare facility for distribution of spiritual books.
  4. Coordinate with Chaplaincy Department of the healthcare facility for visitation by Vedic volunteers for bedside prayers and spiritual healing.

How to request for Bedside visitation of Vedic Volunteer?

US healthcare privacy law states that you the patient or the authorized family member would have to request bedside visitation by a Vedic volunteer from an outside entity.

You may express your wish for the Chaplaincy Staff of your healthcare facility and request them to contact us for a visitation by a Vedic volunteer or you may call us at (713) 370-3489 or email us at IacanNetwork@gmail.com and we will coordinate a visit.

What is available for reading?

Complimentary copies of Spiritual books are available for your reading. Please request the Chaplaincy Department of your healthcare facility for your complimentary copy of

  • Sarva Gayatri Mantras
  • Bhagavad Gita As It Is.

Note : Other books will be added to the list as they become available.
Note : Not all healthcare facilities may carry all books.