Services OfferedSupport Line: 713-370 3489

If you or someone you care about is affected by cancer and is in need of support, IACAN network offers assistance in various aspects of care:

Medical support group
Medical support group members help callers to better understand their cancer diagnosis and treatment options. Our mission is to serve as a medically knowledgeable friend, confidante and information source for Indian American cancer patients and their families seeking support and assistance while confronting a challenging and often frightening diagnosis. Specifically, we will accomplish this via the following roles and responsibilities:

Help callers to better understand the cancer diagnosis
 •  clarify unclear medical terminologies
 •  Help callers understand procedures, tests and other treatment they have received thus far
 •  Explain the standard of care for the cancer/disease stage

Help callers to understand next steps
 •  explain the progression from diagnosis to staging to available treatment opinions
 •  provide resources, information and ideas for maintaining psychosocial and emotional health while managing a cancer diagnosis
 •  clarify how to seek second opinions
 •  suggest questions to ask the doctor
 •  explain clinical trials as potential treatment options
 •  suggest questions to ask the doctor about clinical trials
 •  offer tips for better communications with their doctors
 •  offer tips to make the doctor visit go more smoothly

Help callers to find reliable accurate medical information, and to assess information they find on the internet for reliability and accuracy
 •  refer callers to reliable sources of medical information
 •  encourage self-education from reliable sources
 •  where possible, dispel myths and debunk unproven approaches
 •  where possible, explain scientific information available (ex: genetic testing)
 •  explaining what clinicians mean by prognoses quoted to the patient

Offer suggestions to the caller to reduce stress and anxiety
 •  situation-specific
 •  socioculturally-sensitive

Where possible, facilitate patient navigation through the healthcare system

The following rules of engagement shall prevail during all conversations and communications:
 •  All communication is voluntary, at the behest of the patient or caregiver, and will be kept strictly confidential unless permission is provided by the patient or caregiver to discuss their needs with specific people (i.e. their doctors, family, and other IACAN volunteers for additional assistance).
 •  No specific medical advice will be provided.
 •  Conversations lasting longer than 20-30 minutes will be at the discretion of the medical liaison
 •  The assistance provided by medical support volunteers does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship. Patients should always be advised to discuss their conditions, symptoms and concerns with their doctors.

Community liaison:
Transportation program: Transporting cancer patients to and from treatment related appointments in partnership with the existing resources.
Language assistance in: Gujarathi, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali
Dietary Guidance:
Spiritual/religious support:

Psycho-social issues:
Buddy Program: A newly diagnosed patient is matched with a survivor of the same type of cancer to get one-on-one support. Culture-specific grief, end of life/loss and bereavement issues:
 •  Education and information on hospice
 •  Provide list of funeral homes and crematoriums
 •  Provide list of priests/ministers

Education and Prevention:
 •  Lectures, seminars and interactive workshops on cancer prevention and awareness  •  Education on looking good and feeling better  •  Calendar of events