1. Promote awareness of prevention, diagnosis and treatment options
• Provide educational programs on cancer as a disease, types and stages and available treatments
• Provide resource information on integrated medicine, alternative and complimentary therapies such as
  Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda.
• Provide dietary information and options to suit Indian eating habits
• Provide educational material on looking good and feeling better

2. Mobilize diverse community resources
• Develop and foster partnership with clinical specialists and other interdisciplinary professionals
• Develop and maintain a "Buddy System" of survivors
• Develop network of resources for counseling
• Improve ways to access services and programs available from the American Cancer society
  and other community organizations.
• Develop and foster linkages with diverse religious and spiritual organizations
• Provide language assistance
• Encourage looking good and feeling better

3. Provide training for caregivers, survivors and volunteers
• Partner with American Cancer Society and other cancer care organizations to promote and facilitate
  training for volunteers and facilitators of IACAN Network
• Promote formation of support groups of care givers, survivors and volunteers

4. Participate and interact with mainstream organizations
• Provide culture-specific information and resources to mainstream organizations

5. Address culture-specific grief, end of life/loss and bereavement issues
• Provide education and information on hospice
• Identify funeral homes and crematoriums
• Develop list of priests/ministers